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by Kyle Heidt



This isn't my first conversation with God.

I am not trying to write my version of the Bible nor tell you how you should be living your life. That is not my job nor anyone's job here on earth.

It is my job to do my best to equip you and offer you guidance along the way so you may become the best version of yourself so God can use you at your highest potential. I work to do that the best I can through sharing my own journey, my experiences, lessons, failures, reflections, and my conversations with God.

I can tell you that it's the experiences I have had through my life that continually point me back to God and help me to fully experience this journey called LIFE at its maximum capacity.

I don't know your thoughts or your feelings about a relationship with God but from personal experiences, I believe it is THE most important relationship you must have.

I don't have all the answers to life, nor do I believe I do. I will never think that I have all the answers either, ever.

I am a man of faith and I do my best to live my life in accordance with his plan. 

When I am questioning life, trying to understand and see life from a better perspective, or need some guidance and direction...

I talk to God.

If I am frustrated and I just have some things on my mind that I need to vent...

I talk to God.

It is my relationship with God and my faith that keeps me grounded, centered, motivated, secure, calm, patient, confident, keeps me moving forward no matter how crazy or difficult life may be and fills me with love, faith, joy, and gratitude. 

I've made it a point at least once every month to go out into the desert, sit on top of a ledge, look out at the City of Las Vegas, and talk to God.

This is not the only time I talk with God and I am a huge believer in prayer and do my best to do it daily. But prayer... is a conversation with God!

These are my questions to him and the responses I come to understand. I've spent four months here in Las Vegas now. To which I moved here on a pull from life and took the giant leap of faith.

This conversation gave me some clarity and understanding. Even during these crazy 'Pandemic' times, I come to have a sense of peace in my spirit and in my heart. I would just like to share what I believe are some of the incredible things I came to see and understand a bit.



Thank you for reading this post. It is my purpose in life to help you experience life at a whole new level and reach NewHeidts. I hope this post has helped you to level up, change your perspective, build your faith and take a step in the direction of creating the life you desire to have. Take life higher and reach NewHeidts!

Make sure you check out NewHeidts Gear.

Thank you for your support! Keep going! God Bless!


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