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by Kyle Heidt

I went through a break up in 2016.

It was one of the best things that have ever happened to me. It was also one of the most difficult periods of my life I had to move through.


As I continue with my vision to help people reach new heights in life, I realize that the area that I may have a unique opportunity to help others comes from one of the darkest times of my life.


After going back and forth of what I should do for the first series on my YouTube channel, moving through a breakup and onto singleness came to the forefront every time.


So here I go.


In this mini-series of videos, I am walking you through the 4 Stages of A Break-Up.


I believe there are 4 stages of a breakup:


Stage 1: SHTF

Stage 2: Lost in Space

Stage 3: Rehab

Stage 4: Singleness


If you feel you are on the brink of a break-up, in the middle of one, or recently have come back to life from experiencing a break-up and now you are looking/moving forward in life as a single person, this series is for you.


This series will also lead into my next series, Singleness.


I am not a relationship expert, guru or anything like that. I am also not here to preach at you to do this or do that. I am just a human who has walked through something difficult in life, without turning to outside substances to cope, and I walked away with wisdom and as a better, stronger version of myself.


I want to share what I learned and some of the resources that I used to help me move through it and what I use now to continually maximize my life.


I hope this series can help you move through this period of life if you are currently experiencing it. I also hope that anything in this series can bring light to an area in your life that helps your relationship and/or helps you move through it and onto the person who you are supposed to become.




Here is a PDF of Resources of Books and Podcasts that I recommend at each stage. These are just to get you started! 

Resources →

Series Notes →


Thank you for reading this post. It is my purpose in life to help you experience life at a whole new level and reach NewHeidts. I hope this post has helped you to level up, change your perspective, build your faith and take a step in the direction of creating the life you desire to have. Take life higher and reach NewHeidts!

Make sure you check out NewHeidts Gear.

Thank you for your support! Keep going! God Bless!


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