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by Kyle Heidt


You probably are reading this title and thinking to yourself a few different things...

"What that heck does that mean?"

"I could never be a model nor want to be a model, so why would I start?"

"I didn't know Kyle was a model." I'm a hair model 👨🏼‍🦲*dad joke here*

"And what do you mean 'Get the life I want?' How can I do that by modeling?'"

Bare with me. Trust me. Where I am today and living the life I'm blessed to live I want and continue to build, all came from me modeling.

Now I didn't say modeling as if I stand in front of a camera and pose. Not that kind of modeling. Even though I do hair commercials *more dad jokes*

But I model those who have the life I desire to have. That is my kind of modeling.

I believe right now in the current state that our world is in, a lot of people are questioning their entire life. Not only that but since all the security they thought they had with their job is gone, they are questioning their entire career choice as well.

 So if that is where you find yourself right now, I hope this post can help you set a new foundation as you move forward and take control of your future.

Are you ready to start your modeling career? 

Here are the five steps to starting your modeling career.

 1) Know What You Want

Having Absolute Clarity in with what you want in life allows you to make quantum leaps towards it all. It also helps you not waste any time in getting there. It gives you a direction to set sail too. No matter what you want, big or small, material or not. Get clear on what YOU want in life or you'll just wander around taking whatever you can get. You deserve more than that. 💪

Ask yourself some of these questions:

- How do you want to live your life? What results do I want?

- What do I want my daily schedule to look like?

- Where do I want to live? What kind of apartment or house do I want?

- How do I want my marriage or relationship with significant other to look like?

- What kind of person am I looking for? What are their qualities?  For my single people

- What does my family look like?

- Who can I help the most?

- How much money do I want to make? 

- Where do I want to travel to?

The more specific the better. Then after you write all those answers down, go back over them and ask your self WHY 20 times for each question. This builds the EMOTIONAL ENERGY JUICE that feeds your mind to get to work and make it happen.

2) Find Those Who Have What You Want

This means exactly what it says. Go find the person or the couple who already has the life you desire. DO NOT LIMIT to only checking on social media, this only shows 1% of what their actual life is like.

There are a lot of famous individuals who have the fancy lives you may think you want, but in reality, you may never get to meet them. 😩

But I guarentee you there are people already around you that live SPECTACULAR lives and have the life you desire. Seek those people out because you have a better chance of building a one on one relationship with them. Think of people you know that live around you, live in your city, or someone you may have met that you found intriguing. Seek them out.

THEN, write all their names down.

3) Look At ALL Aspects Of Their Life

You can call this research. Look, this is your life and you get to build it how every YOU WANT. But it is also a very precious life, you wouldn't want to waste time building a life that produces no fruit and learning from someone whose life doesn't produce fruit either.

You want to make sure you are going to learn from those who are absolutely incredible ACROSS THE BOARD. They hit all the checkmarks. They are consistent and transparent individuals who live incredible, impactful lives.

When doing your research, ask some of these questions:

- How are they living? What is their lifestyle like?

- What is their character like? Are they respected individuals/couples?

- Do they have people following them? Are they influential? Leaders?

- What do those who follow them say about them as a person(s) and as a leader(s)?

- Are they happy? Do they bring joy to others?

- How do they treat others?

 *notice how none of these questions asked, What do they own? Material things are just that, material, they come and go. They come with the results they help others get. But great individuals possess traits that impact those around them on a deeper level.

4) Find Out What They Do To Make A Living

This is such a critical step. Most people start from here. They look at jobs, business opportunities or careers that they think look awesome instead of knowing what they themselves want in life. Or even worse, they just look at jobs that pay the most and start from there. That is the wrong place to start.

If you start there, your not results-focused. Your short term solution - security - fear-based - focused. If you have that focus on the short-term solution, you find yourself 3+ years into doing something that you dislike and does not match the experience and expectations you originally thought it would have going into it.


I didn't say find the easiest path, all great lives take hard work to build, but there are more efficient ways to get to where you want to go.

If you want to go to New York City, why on God's green earth would you walk there? YOU WOULD GET ON A PLANE! Same simple idea when it comes to getting what you want in life. Seek the most efficient way to get there.

When evaluating what these successful individuals/couples do for a living, ask some of these questions:

- Does their business/job break God's laws? Does it break man's laws?

- What are the skills involved to have and succeed with this type of business or job?

- What lifestyle comes along with this line of work? High stress? Low stress? Freedom?

- How does this business/job affect family/social life? 

- What is the time typical time frame to go from where I am now to where they are? Is it a 5-year plan? 40-year plan?

This allows you to adjust and step forward in the direction of the job or business that is going to help you get to where you want to go the fastest, most efficient way. Not the easiest way because if it was easy everyone would live the dream life.


5) Start Your Modeling Career

Finally the last, yet MOST IMPORTANT step. 

MODEL THEM! STUDY THEM! Success leaves clues.

- What are their habits?

- How do they dress?

- How do they carry themselves?

- What books do they read? What audios/podcasts do they listen to?

- Who do they look to learn from?

- Who are their mentors?

- How do they treat others?

- HOW DO THEY THINK? - This is the most important because they probably have an entirely different way of thinking and looking at the world than you do.

Do what they do! Because of their healthy habits and way of life, this has led them to that life YOU want and that they already have!

If they have written books BUY THEM.

Do your absolute best to invest in them first! Yes...BUY THEIR PRODUCTS OR THEIR TIME. By buying their time, they see that you will invest in yourself. It's not a matter of money, they probably have plenty, but its a matter of HOW BAD DO YOU WANT TO LEARN. HOW BAD DO YOU WANT THE LIFE THAT THEY HAVE?

Their mentorship is absolutely critical to helping you achieve that life you want. It can also shorten the amount of time it takes to achieve what you want. Not only that, but they can correct you along the way and help you stay focused if you are getting off the path.

This is how you start your modeling career and get what you want in life.

Now you may be thinking, that is kind of creepy Kyle. I want to be a unique individual not a copy of someone else.


You know, I know!

Here is an easy example to understand...

When they build new cars, they have previous models to go off of. Yet they allow the uniqueness of their new ideas to combine with the previous ways to create something EVEN BETTER, yet still beautifully unique.

Follow their lead. I promise the pay off is incredible. This is what I did in my life. It is something I still continually do! I always look to my mentors for guidance and they continually pick me up when I get knocked down. They have my absolute commitment and since they have mine, I have theirs. It has paid off tremendously!

Now take MASSIVE ACTION! Go through all these steps! Get at least 1% better every day and stay consistent, it's only a matter of time. I believe in you!



Thank you for reading this post. It is my purpose in life to help you experience life at a whole new level and reach NewHeidts. I hope this post has helped you to level up, change your perspective, build your faith and take a step in the direction of creating the life you desire to have. Take life higher and reach NewHeidts!

If you are looking to create your own business to fuel the life you desire to have, click here - Work With Me - to learn more and apply!

Keep going! God Bless!


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